Swap-Bot – Snail Mail

Card Making Challenge #45

I discovered Swap-Bot from reading a comment on Janette Lanes Pocket Letter site http://www.pocketletterpals.com and it got my curiosity, so I thought I would join to trial it out.

My first snail mail was a card making challenge with circles.  Your swap partner is assigned to you by the co-ordinator, and you make the card according to the template of the event.  I sent a message to my partner letting her know I am her partner and will endeavour to complete the card and send off by a certain date.  Once I have completed the assignment, I mark off the event as “Sent”.  When my swap partner receives my card, I will be rated according to the Swap-Bot system and my swap partner optionally sends me a message.  I like the rating system in that the challenge has been met and any extra ratings is a bonus.  There will be another partner assigned to me and that partner will make a card for me.  I will be given the opportunity to rate the card too.

Swap-Bot link  www.swap-bot.com

Swap-Bot Card Making Challenge #45
Swap-bot swap: Card Making Challenge #45
I swap with Swap-bot!

This is my card I made for my Swap-Bot partner.  I made a matching envelop to go with it.

Hello Circles Small



November Mood Board Challenge

With Jot Magazine


Jot magazine has a vibrant mood board challenge for November.

I just love vibrant, happy colours.

It inspired me to create a birthday card for my best, long time friend.

I dabbed acrylic paint to a floral stencil. Painted some shimmer on green and pink parts. Applied a light media paste which I coloured gold through a tear drop stencil. Printed ‘Happy Birthday’ with an elegant swirl on a laser printer and gold foiled with my recently brought Minc. Added a sticker, ribbon and flower.
Loving how it turned out.

I am enjoying using stencils and experimenting with distress inks and acrylic paint.

Thanks Jot Magazine for the mood board challenge.




New page for Gallery

Created a new page for my gallery of cards I have been making.

The idea of a gallery page is to browse thru the pictures of cards I have made and if you want more details, then click on the picture to get more details and pictures of the specific card.

I have also linked Alisa’s De-signsMadeByMe website www.de-signsmadebyme.com.au in the Green Flower card I made for her.  I already have the Blackcat Cougar cutting machine and brought the Funtime Software from her and have found it fantastic along with the support group and webinars.

Hope you enjoy the cards I have been making.

February and March 2012 cards

Busy month for card making with the Blackcat Cougar for Birthday’s and a House Warming.

Trying out a monthly kit from www.limetart.com.au.

Getting some lovely paper and embellishments from them.  So far February and March orders have been flower topics.  Getting good use out of them.  Its good in a way to get a kit, not knowing what you are getting.  You dont have to worry about trying to find the right papers to match etc.  Its all done for you.