Dishcloth Swap #1

One Crafty Mumma Challenges

One Crafty Mumma currently has a great Dishcloth challenge.  Its her second one.

I entered into the first challenge

You can see my entry that I made with Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton in her blog, and as I forgot to take a photo of my creations, I used her photo of my entries.  Thanks Melissa!

I made a tag with my details on it, along with a small gift card detailing the type of cotton used on the dishcloths.


On Thursday 24th /Friday 25th October 2013, I received back 4 gorgeous dishcloths from 4 lovely, talented ladies!

I love the flower design from Jodie Bishop of Uluru, NT. This is something I will try and crochet myself.  Thank you Jodie!


I love this version of the hexagonal shape.  As you can see, I did all mine in a hexagonal shape and got my idea from an old Readers Digest Manual for the shape!  Thank you Becci.  Becci’s blog is  and she is from Port Elliot, SA.


I received this lovely dishcloth from Helen of Ilford, NSW and I love how this is crocheted and the texture.  I must try and work out the pattern!  Thank you so much Helen!  Helen’s facebook is


LionessLady did a beautiful job of this round dishcloth.  Love the colours and the small handle.  Her websites are or    Thank you LionessLady for your creation.


2 thoughts on “Dishcloth Swap #1

    1. Hopefully there will be another dishcloth swap that someone will start. Its fun and love it how people can swap their creations! One Crafty Mumma is a very creative lady!


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