Settling into our new home

Its been over 4 weeks now since we moved to our new home in the countryside of Warragul, and we are loving the atmosphere and the serenity … just like in The Castle, the movie!

We are still unpacking, and I have now managed to restart the Stockholm blanket project, following Mel’s progress in her blog One Crafty Mumma

I have completed 31 white edged squares, 9 Beige and 13 Brown ones.

Progress is good.  I have crocheted while on the train from Melbourne to Warragul, in the car (as a passenger!) or in the evenings while relaxing.

The previous owners have established a beautiful garden and I have included some flowers in the picture below with my Stockholm blanket project progress.

Autumn Flowers

Finding crochet projects

On Friday, I went into town and popped into Morris & Sons in Collins St to top up on brown and beige 8ply cotton for the Stockholm crochet blanket project. Tally so far:

✂ 20 Cream squares

✂ 3   Beige squares

✂ 4   Brown squares

✂ 28 Coloured squares

Total of 55 squares of various stages.

As we are moving house, progress will slow down.

I have been looking at which facilitates an online magazine.  I have been finding lots of crochet online mags and storing them in my account.  There is an app for issuu allowing you to browse on you smart phone. This is a great addition to Pinterest where I store my other ideas for projects. Next update will be from our new home.

Crocheting to Relax


I have now run out of Brown and Beige cotton and will need to order more.  I can continue with the Cream squares and make more coloured squares in the meantime.  I will either wait till I am in town to get more of those colours or order them online.

As of today, my tally of squares is 48.  Just on the half way mark for a throw blanket!  Yeah!

  • 22 Coloured squares
  • 6 Brown squares
  • 12 Beige squares
  • 8 Cream squares

I love crocheting.  Its relaxing and lately have been crocheting during the evening and while the Australian Open tennis is on in Melbourne.

Stockholm crochet – Yarn Quantity


So far I have worked out how far a ball of yarn goes for each stage of the Stockholm crochet project.
1 ball of Cream makes 8 squares.
1 ball of Dark Brown makes 14 squares.
1 ball of Beige makes 10 squares.

Therefore I would need 12 Cream balls, 7 Dark Brown, 10 Beige.

I have not yet worked out how many Greens and Yellows.

Progress is looking good:
8 Cream squares.
11 Dark Brown squares.
5 Beige squares.

Stockholm Blanket – Stages

I am so happy with progress made with One Crafty Mummas Stockholm crochet blanket.

  • Stage 1 – 40 coloured squares
  • Stage 2 – 2 squares with brown
  • Stage 3 – 4 squares with beige
  • Stage 4 – 2 final squares with off white

I am using Morris & Sons Avalon 8 ply 100% Pima Cotton, with 4mm crochet hook. One the brown and beige wool ball has gone, I can work out how much I need to complete my blanket for those colours. Check out Melissa’s progress on One Crafty Mumma’s blog. Progress #1

Stockholm Crochet Blanket Update

During the couple of hot days in Melbourne, there is not much you can do but stay inside and crochet!  I now have 25 colourful squares inspired by One Crafty Mummas Stockholm blanket project, and also made up a completed square to gauge how big each square will be.  Its approximately 14 X 14cm square, and I think I will stick to the colour scheme here but with each centre design a different colour.

A complete square

Last night I sewed up the dangly bits of yarn of each coloured square so its neat when I finish off each completed square.

I think my method for this blanket at the moment is to make up the centre colours first in batches, then sew up the yarns.  Once in a while, make a complete square.

For my completed project, it would be nice to have a 140 X 140cm of squares plus the border.  This would mean that I need 10 rows and 10 columns of squares, therefore 100 squares.  It should cover a queen size bed.  Otherwise a nice throw blanket on the couch that measures 120 X 180cm in total which is approximately 8 rows and 12 columns minimum plus border, therefore 96 squares..

Colourful centre pieces

Coloured pieces are kept in a shoe box.  Once there is more completed squares, I will need to keep them in a bigger box.

I love taking photos with my smartphone as it is convenient at times.  I found a great app, Photofy, which you can enhance your photos with text, frames, etc. Easy to use and fun!  A free app and you can purchase designs or use the freebies.  Design on your smartphone once you have captured your photo.

Stockholm Blanket with One Crafty Mumma

Happy New Year everyone!

This year for my first crochet project, I decided to make a cotton blanket after reading One Crafty Mumma’s blog on her Stockholm pattern crochet blanket project.  She got me fired up for the new year with a fantastic crafty project, that I decided to buy some yarn while I was in town catching up with a long time friend.  We both visited Morris and Sons in Collins St, Melbourne where they have a gorgeous range of colourful yarns.  Also the sales where on after Christmas, which makes buying the yarns more appealing with the discounts!

This is One Crafty Mumma’s project…

One Crafty Mumma's Stockholm Project

and this is the start of my version…

Stockholm Squares

It was hard to choose colours, but decided to just stick with these combinations.  One day I will venture out and make a multi-coloured one!.  Knowing how many balls of yarn to pick from ? Well, I sort of cheated and picked up a pattern book from the store that had a similar blanket pattern and based it on that with the correct ply and size of blanket.  So initially I got 10 balls in total:  one of each colour and 2 cream coloured for the edging.  At least I have my colours and can order more later down the track.  I just have to keep the labels of each yarn so I know the exact colours I used… very important.

I love One Crafty Mumma’s idea of making the coloured middle bits first until there is enough squares required for the blanket.  Then add the next row colours on all the squares.  And lastly add the border colours.

I will be sharing my project status with One Crafty Mumma to support her Stockholm crochet project.  Not sure how long this project will take, but I endeavour to try and crochet at least a few days a week and hope to see progress with my pile of coloured squares growing!

Happy Crocheting!