Stockholm Blanket with One Crafty Mumma

Happy New Year everyone!

This year for my first crochet project, I decided to make a cotton blanket after reading One Crafty Mumma’s blog on her Stockholm pattern crochet blanket project.  She got me fired up for the new year with a fantastic crafty project, that I decided to buy some yarn while I was in town catching up with a long time friend.  We both visited Morris and Sons in Collins St, Melbourne where they have a gorgeous range of colourful yarns.  Also the sales where on after Christmas, which makes buying the yarns more appealing with the discounts!

This is One Crafty Mumma’s project…

One Crafty Mumma's Stockholm Project

and this is the start of my version…

Stockholm Squares

It was hard to choose colours, but decided to just stick with these combinations.  One day I will venture out and make a multi-coloured one!.  Knowing how many balls of yarn to pick from ? Well, I sort of cheated and picked up a pattern book from the store that had a similar blanket pattern and based it on that with the correct ply and size of blanket.  So initially I got 10 balls in total:  one of each colour and 2 cream coloured for the edging.  At least I have my colours and can order more later down the track.  I just have to keep the labels of each yarn so I know the exact colours I used… very important.

I love One Crafty Mumma’s idea of making the coloured middle bits first until there is enough squares required for the blanket.  Then add the next row colours on all the squares.  And lastly add the border colours.

I will be sharing my project status with One Crafty Mumma to support her Stockholm crochet project.  Not sure how long this project will take, but I endeavour to try and crochet at least a few days a week and hope to see progress with my pile of coloured squares growing!

Happy Crocheting!

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