This is such an amazing handmade sketch book made out of leather.

Billie's Craft Room

Welcome Back

In today’s post  I want to share a close up of the handmade sketch book I made a while ago.

The binding style is longstich, as it opens flat. The cover is leather, which came from Ebay 😉 You’ll remember the story, where I discovered just how BIG whole hides are!!! I’m such a townie, didn’t think it would be THAT big hehe. I’ve named her (the hide) Daisy and she lives in the studio. {Is that weird?…Little bit!}

For the signatures, I’ve used half cartridge paper and the other half is watercolour paper, this way whatever style of sketch I want to do is possible. The book is A6, which is a nice size to put in your bag and not too heavy. For extra stability, I’ve got a piece of matboard loose in there, between the signatures.

When you bind your own sketchbook, you can select the kinds of paper…

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