Great idea as presents!


Hi there!

This is my debut post and thought I’d write about my most recent project. A few weeks ago I, as per usual, found myself in a financial deficit and needing a birthday present for a very good friend… So I turned to Auntie Internet for a solution. I came up with jarred cake mixture which looked great (gifty), would be a fun thing for my friend to do (nifty) and I had most of the components at home (thrifty)!

1) Now you need good sized jar to start, an Agee jar is perfect but anything that can hold about a litre.

2) Pick a recipe. Brownies, cakes (small to moderately sized), biscuits and cakey desserts could be good options. If you’d like to put in the ingredients for say a Christmas cake, you’ll probably need a considerably bigger jar as it is a very dense and large cake.

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